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i formally apologize to anyone who knew me when i was 13

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sugar & spice

“ Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea. ”

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I think something is wrong with this…~
That’s not The End…~


The Love Tunnel, Ukraine.

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Sorry guys for this post. I know, this site should be about Madison and nothing more, but I just can’t keep silent. I warn you once: there will be a lot of text. And yes, there may be mistakes. I beg you, forgive me for that. Whatever it was, I’m from Ukraine, and I just can’t at this age know English perfectly. I want to talk about Bertie Gilbert and his change of activity. If someone doesn’t know, Bertie Gilbert is a talented 17 year old director, actor and interesting videoblogger (now in the past). Not so long ago, he changed his style, blocked his old videos on YouTube and began making short films. Stunning short films. ( So. Today I was talking with my friend about Bertie. She said that after he had changed, she wasn’t able to watch his films. Although claimed to be his fan. It was funny to listen to her. I am also a fan of his work. I don’t understand how it is - no longer interested in the work of man, which almost idolized. Does she (and most of his fans) only interested him, his appearance, and so on. I hate this. Once Bertie said that the number of hits decreased. I want to say that it is even better. Now, if not completely remove, so at least reduced the number of these “fanatics” and left those who are really interested in this person, and not those who are just looking for a nice attractive face. (A face is really beautiful, to be honest :D). And I look forward to new films. Check them out. The conclusion is: either you watch his movies and support him, or sit in silence. Don’t tell us that he’s gloomy now. We don’t complain. And Bertie too. So what’s the problem?

Can you come to virginia

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I’m sure she will :)

what brand is the purse that Madison wore when she was trying out cupcakes for her sweet 16 birthday party ?

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Sorry, I really don’t know :c

remembering all the people who lost their lives on that horrible day ❤ praying for all of their families that miss them 🙏 gratitude for all of the heroes that risked their lives that day & for the heroes who work to keep us safe everyday 💙🇺🇸

golden ✨ photography/hair/makeup by @glennnutley handmade crochet dress by @emmaoclothing1 stylist @dansbanans director/producer @bpmajor